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Pro Athlete Malcolm Jenkins

Updated: Mar 11

"Personally, I noticed a difference in 10 days! All the years playing for OSU I thought I was tired and sore due to football, but it was mainly my sports nutrition"

"Wearing he arm band and keeping a great log of everything, I ate during the day really helped a lot when I was training for the combines. It helped me balance my calorie intake with my output. My weight was very stable instead of fluctuating like it had previously been. Making smart decisions with what kinds of food I was putting in my body and really had a good effect on how my body felt and how my body recovered from hard workouts. Every week I was lifting more weight and running better times and my soreness was minimal. These habits have a part of my daily life and I highly recommend that any athlete that plans on getting the most out of their body"

He ended up finishing first in one of the speed tests and noticed when it came to an end he had lots of energy were others looked drained and tired.


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