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Sodium Chloride Sweat Testing

Results provide a picture of how much sodium is lost per pound of sweat which can improve the athlete's hydration practices in maximizing athletic performance. If the athlete struggles with muscle cramping during activity this is a test worth doing.

Did You Know?

   Just a 2% loss in body weight can result in a 10-20% reduction in athletic performance!

The body uses water to maintain temperature, remove waste and to lubricate the joints. When water leaving the body is greater than the amount consumed, dehydration occurs. Athletes are at higher risk for dehydration due to high training frequency, intensity, and duration. The loss of water through sweat, otherwise known as thermoregulatory sweating, without appropriate fluid and electrolyte repletion results in a water and electrolyte imbalance that can cause negative performance outcomes, such as muscle cramps, muscle spasms, muscle weakness, headache/dizziness, confusion and impaired reaction time. 

Sweat rate and sweat electrolyte concentrations vary between and among individuals. Because of this, fluid replacement strategies must be tailored to the athlete regarding their specific training regimen and competition environment. In order to ensure an athlete is properly hydrating during and after exercise, sodium chloride sweat tests can be performed to estimate fluid and electrolyte losses during exercise (measuring the amount of sodium lost per pound of sweat).     

Sodium Chloride Sweat Testing

A test that measures how much sodium is lost in per pound of sweat. The test will help to develop a personalized hydration regimen in maximizing athletic performance and reduce chronic muscle cramping. 

  • 1 session (1hour)

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