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Our Young Athlete Stories

Hear from our young athletes and a mom about the AMAZING success they've experienced in part of Sports Nutrition 2Go!

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Swimmer Emma Dalton

She just wanted to "Rock out" her Senior year! She ended up breaking school records, winning state & swimming in College! See how she got leaner & faster!


She went from 29% body fat to 17% body fat by eating the right foods at the right time for her goals and body!  She started with a lot of lean weight but at the end she was up 4 more pounds of muscle!  Believe it or not she ended up eating 2800 calories or more at the end of this short course journey! Her journey started in July and ended in April!

Football Player Aneesh Vyas

When he started he just wanted to gain weight.  After measuring his body composition we decided to lose fat and not gain as much weight on the scale!  He gained over 50lb of lean weight. He started at 220 and ended up at 250lb which means he lost an additional 20lb of fat and gained 20lb of additional lean weight but it doesn’t show up on the scale.  This is why you want to use body composition as the guide.  Also we added the right calories over time to keep the momentum going! 

Gained over 50lb of lean weight using our services! Playing in College and working on 30lb more! Lakota West High School: Lettered three times in football and three times in wrestling … in football, was a second team Ohio Division 1 All-State, a first team All-Southwest Ohio and a two-time first team All-Greater Miami Conference selection … started all 30 varsity games on the defensive line … in 2020, Lakota West posted a school-best 8-1 record … helped the Firebirds allow just over five points per game that season … ended Colerain High School's 87-game conference win streak with a shutout … held the eventual state champion, No. 20 St. Xavier High School, to 10 points, 26 fewer than its season average … led all Lakota West defensive linemen with 5.5 sacks in 2020 … served as team captain … in wrestling, was a district qualifier.  

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Grace Hartman Gatorade XC Player of the year 2021 & 2022

Listen to how she stayed healthy, ran 40 seconds faster after two weeks of increasing her calories, won state & ran a personal best at the last national race of the season


During that time she went from 17-14% body fat, gained 9lb of lean weight by eating 4,000 ideal calories at the right times!

Soccer Player Joshua Head

He went from 20% body fat to 8%! Gained over 49lb of lean weight! Currently 6'4 187lb and 8% body fat at 17 years old. Plays for FC Cincinnati Academy. Looking to go Pro!

This soccer athlete lacked the knowledge of how nutrition impacted every aspect of his health and performance.  He just ate whatever he wanted and liked, LITTERALY!  We did all the testing; metabolism, body composition and musclesound and reviewed his nutrition intake.  Designed a customized menu template based off his information collected and wa la! He was off and running!  His commitment was 150%!

Image by Tobias Flyckt
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12 yo Female Swimmer

This female athlete was really tired and times were plateauing!

With the right foods in the right amounts she had best times 9 months in a row!

She gained 10lb of lean weight and lost 10lb of fat by just eating more foods at the right times for her!  Nothing else changed but nutrition during these 9 months!  That is how nutrition works!

Baseball Player Ben Pierce Jr.

Baseball player, Left handed Pitcher: 5’9” Went from 24%-15% body fat 209-190lb Currently has 161lb of lean weight Goal: 190lb: 172lb lean/10% Playing in College next year. Fast ball has gone from 81-89mph and HEX Squats 515lb x 3!

Last Spring the customized nutrition plan was set to maintain his lean weight and lose body fat.  Once the season was over the goal was to gain 10lb of lean and lose 10lb of fat to optimizing speed, power and throwing speed. He is now throwing 8mph faster!

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Mom of Swimmer

Listen from a Parents Perspective how adding nutrition to her son's swimming regimen impacted his performance.

He went from plateauing to significant time drops! Finished at State with personal bests and his High School team winning STATE!

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