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About Me

What you eat and drink can have great impact on your sports performance! I know. I've made it my business to know. I've been a professional in the sports nutrition field for more than a decade. But, my love of the game, all games, actually goes much, much farther back."

Growing up, it seemed to me that the whole state of Nebraska was focused on football. People drove hours to see the Cornhuskers play. Neighbors who moved out-of-state flew back to town for games. On game weekends my house was a sea of red and white clothing as my entire family gathered to listen to the game on the radio. I was hooked! My interest in sports grew, exponentially, from there.

By high school I'd decided to become an athletic trainer. In college, with the encouragement of a mentor (an athletic trainer), I combined my passion for sports with an interest in nutrition. I decided to major in "sports" nutrition, with an emphasis in athletic training.

Seeking the best education possible in both fields, I headed off to Arizona State University, a Division I College. As a Student Athletic Trainer there, I had opportunity to work with a wide variety of athletes, in a wide variety of sports. Very soon into my studies, I saw firsthand the role nutrition can play in enhancing athletic performance.

Quick Facts about Dawn:


  • I am an international author, speaker & consultant

  • Nutrition Expert and columnist for Swimming World; which has over a million viewers globally

  • Over 25 years of experience working with athletes of all ages; especially between the ages 5-18yo

My Philosophy

I learned that each sport uses a different strength and conditioning program to maximize performance. The goal of these specialized conditioning programs is to "recruit" more muscle fibers, to mimic specific movements required for success in each sport, and to tap into the different energy systems that are utilized in each game.

As I began to understand the specific demands each sport makes on an athletes body, and just how significant nutrition can be in performance enhancement, I began to see a need for the dissemination of accurate sports nutrition information. (Many of the athletes I work with used to get a fair amount of "inaccurate" information from magazines and well-meaning, but uninformed friends). Now you can add social media and people who cut corners and pretend to be experts!


There is so much information out there, some useful, some down right wrong! It's hard to decipher the good from the bad – or to know how to apply it. That's why I started Sports Nutrition 2Go (SN2Go).

Through Sports Nutrition 2Go, my staff and I have created clear nutrition guidelines for both competitive and recreational athletes. My information is easy to understand and, most importantly, easy to apply. Whether you are a high school soccer player, marathon runner, or a weekend warrior, Sports Nutrition 2Go will design a comprehensive nutrition strategy/plan to fit your individual performance and health goals.

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