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SN2Go Nutrition Services

SN2Go offers a wide array of nutritional and testing services that will give you a cutting edge far superior to your competition! From one-on-one nutrition & testing consultations, customized menus, supplement review, tailored sports programs, nutrition coaching and much more to optimize your training and performance goals! 

Performance Profile

SN2Go's most popular in-person service! An all combining sports nutrition approach that includes:

1. One-on-one nutrition consultation (including any labs or supplements you want us to review)

2.  A MedGem® test to measure how many calories you burn at rest

3. The BodPod, a gold standard body composition tracking system to understand your lean weight and fat weight ratios and

4. A MuscleSound® to measure the fuel or carbohydrates (glycogen) in the muscles.

All the nutritional and test results are reviewed in the same 90 minute assessment in developing a customizable nutrition approach in helping you to maximize your performance goals.

Over The Phone/Long Distance: We work with people all over the world. Reach out to understand how we provide this service above without coming in.

Nutrition Consultation Only

In Person or Over The PhoneA one-on-one extensive nutrition consultation (including any labs or supplements you want us to review).  This can include specific topics but not limited to:  Vegan, vegetarian, bone health and minimizing stress fractures, low iron levels, low energy levels, strengthening immune system, brain health, joint health, building muscle, losing fat, going dairy free, grocery shopping tour, eating out……..

Follow Up Options

Menu Plan & Nutrition Consultation

A personalized meal pattern and a sample menu are designed based off the profile or consultation. The Menu template will be emailed within ~1-3 days from original session. The follow up consultation includes two weekly texts or a 30 minute phone consult to answer any questions or concerns and any revisions needed to the plan (within 14 days of original assessment).  The goal is to save time, take out the guess work and ensure you are off to an optimal start.  Follow-ups are recommended every 4-8 weeks to maximize outcomes.

Monthly Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition coaching via phone, text, or email added after the Menu Plan + Nutrition Coaching Session.


Discounts provided if commit to 3 consecutive months or more

Follow-Up Coaching/Nutrition A La Carte

1/2 Hour Nutrition Consult

1 Hour Nutrition Consult

Sports Performance Programs

SN2Go offers a variety of sports performance program packages: Sports Beginner, Advanced and Elite Performance Programs. Performance programs provide an in-depth, one-on-one, approach in ensuring you achieve your sports performance goals, such as:


Weight gain/ weight loss, Muscle Gain/fat loss, maximize energy levels (if fatigued usually due to suboptimal nutrition and hydration but not always), what to eat and when, make sure eating enough calories to meet sport demands, optimize growth at every stage, optimize bone health, supplement review and recommendations if appropriate, maintaining a normal menstrual cycle 12 months out of the year (if appropriate), & optimizing carbohydrate (glycogen) storage in the muscle. This includes daily, competition, and off season.

Example of Program Offerings

Offerings are able to be mixed and matched. Customize your own program today! 

Customized Menu Templates for daily training and competition goals

Customized Daily Menu Templates

Competition Menu Templates

Tapering Menu Plans/Templates

Holiday Menu Plans/Templates

Menu Plans/Templates for individual needs such as:

  1. Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Dairy free and much more

  2. Bone Health; General, prevention, hot spots, stress fractures, osteopenia, osteoarthritis

  3. Low iron levels

  4. Injury recovery and repair

Off Season Menu Plans/Template

Personalized Hydration Plan (how much fluid you need daily and during performance)

Testing Individual Sodium Needs

Grocery Store/Eating Out Tour

Speaking to; but not limited to, teams, clubs, camps, professional organizations, and more!

One-on-One Nutrition Coaching

Supplement review and recommendations

Goal setting

Unlimited Bod Pods & MuscleSounds®

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