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What is NutrEval?

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NutrEval is our most comprehensive functional and nutritional assessment including:

  • Organic Acids - providing insight into nutritional cofactor needs, digestive issues, cellular energy production, neurotransmitter metabolism, detoxification, and now Oxalates!

  • Oxidative Stress - indicating problems with antioxidant capacity and oxidative damage

  • Amino Acids - essential and nonessential amino acids to indicate dietary intake, maldigestion or malabsorption, and amino acid metabolism - these can be assessed in either plasma or first morning void urine

  • Essential and Metabolic Fatty Acids - reflecting dietary intake and metabolism of fatty acids measured in RBC's to assess important fatty acid imbalances

  • Nutrient & Toxic Elements - providing a window into short-term exposures to various toxins along with direct evaluation of key minerals 

What's Next?

Golf Balls

Genova Diagnostics (NutraEval)

This nutritional profile helps identify root causes of dysfunction and imbalances that are inhibiting optimal health and perfromance. These advanced diagnostic tools provide a systems-based approach to help live a healthier life and customize guidelines specifically for you.

  • Genomics - offers four important genetic variants - ApoE, MTHFR, COMT, and TNF-α for enhanced therapy personalization 

  • Vitamin D - direct serum measurement of 25-hydroxyvitamin D 

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