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Nutrition Programs

We believe that Nutrition should be accessible anywhere at anytime! 

Check Out What We Can Offer You

Summary of Online Programs

The athlete will be able to:

  1. Calculates their Calorie needs

  2. Pick out a predesigned menu to follow!

    1. Menus range 2000-5500 calories (500 calorie increments ie..2000-2500)

  3. Understand vitamins and supplements that may consider or importance of  body composition pending on which program you sign up for.

Program Pricing

For More Customizable Options Available, Click Here

Option One:

$247 a year. You have access to program for one year from purchase:

  • Replays available 

  • Do on your own time

  • Two-hour course, BUT most important steps completed in 30 minutes or less

  • Can ask questions in real time in discussion section and Facebook group

Option Two:

ALL INCLUSIVE: Dawn Weatherwax Sports Nutrition Academy

$50.00 a month, first month free! Can cancel anytime​

Why do?

  1. Optimize growth, health & performance

  2. Enhance recovery, staying healthy, and  minimizing fatigue

  3. Take out the guess work

  4. Stop losing precious time

  5. Maximize opportunity to reach goals & dreams

  6. Trusted Source

  7. Surpass your opposition!

Disclaimer: These programs are educational only and in no way take place of medical advice or a medical professional

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