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Young Football
Athlete Stories

Hear from our young football athletes about the AMAZING success they've experienced in part of Sports Nutrition 2Go!

Micah Markley

Micah Markley, position MLB, gained over 20 lean pounds and dropped body fat! This allowed him to become faster, stronger, continue his academic excellence and start as a sophomore:

Started as a Sophomore

Lakota West High School, West Chestr

Team Record- 24-4

Regional Finals- 2 years

Career tackles-144

All GMC 2nd Team


2 years, 28 games...112 quarters of Varsity experience at Division1 football, all on one of the best defensive units in Ohio the past 2 seasons.

Has Gained 40lb  of lean weight Since Winter 

of Freshman year!

This Off season working on another 20lb! 

Micah Markley Football and Fueling youth sports 100 needed all athlete for their personal

Pro Athlete Malcolm Jenkins

"Personally, I noticed a difference in 10 days! All the years playing for OSU I thought I was tired and sore due to football, but it was mainly my sports nutrition"

"Wearing he arm band and keeping a great log of everything, I ate during the day really helped a lot when I was training for the combines. It helped me balance my calorie intake with my output. My weight was very stable instead of fluctuating like it had previously been. Making smart decisions with what kinds of food I was putting in my body and really had a good effect on how my body felt and how my body recovered from hard workouts. Every week I was lifting more weight and running better times and my soreness was minimal. These habits have a part of my daily life and I highly recommend that any athlete that plans on getting the most out of their body"

He ended up finishing first in one of the speed tests and noticed when it came to an end he had lots of energy were others looked drained and tired.

Malcolm jenkins philadelphia eagles.jpg

Jackson Mires

Jackson Mires, position OG/T, gained over 25 lean pounds and dropped  5% body fat! This allowed him to become faster and stronger improving his stats from:

40 Yard Dash

Before: 5.5 seconds

During: 5.2 seconds 

Bench Press

Before: 285 pounds

During: 345 pounds


Before: 435 pounds

During: 600 pounds

Aneesh Vyas

When he started he just wanted to gain weight.  After measuring his body composition we decided to lose fat and not gain as much weight on the scale!  He gained over 50lb of lean weight. He started at 220 and ended up at 250lb which means he lost an additional 20lb of fat and gained 20lb of additional lean weight but it doesn’t show up on the scale.  This is why you want to use body composition as the guide.  Also we added the right calories over time to keep the momentum going! Gained over 50lb of lean weight using our services!


Playing in College!


He currently is 290lb and has 225lb of LEAN weight!

Screen Shot 2022-04-04 at 8.26.24 AM.png

16 Year Old Football Player

We helped a 16 year old male gain over 10 pounds of lean weight in 10 weeks! He also dropped 14 pounds of fat while getting faster and stronger using our customized nutrition menu and testing!

Kyle Fitzgerald

6’3’ 190lb  Quarterback  Started at 150lb!

Has Gained 40lb  of lean weight Since Winter 

of Freshman year!

This Off season working on another 20lb! 


Started 3500 calories/day

Now 4800 calories/day


Overall Goal: 210-220lb & 10% body fat

Playing in College and working on 30lb more! 

Kyle Fitzgerald.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-12-01 at 12.43.07 PM.png

Max Davis

Max has over 205lb of lean at 5’11” and weighs in at 220lb.

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