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Young XC & Track
Athlete Stories

Hear from our young XC and track athletes about the AMAZING success they've experienced in part of Sports Nutrition 2Go!

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Evelyn came to us with a 2000 calorie goal that we increased to 3500 calories allowing her body to grow several inches and stay injury free! She even earned top freshman in the state at 3200m!


Increasing Anabelle from 1800 calorie a day to 2800 calories with added protein helped her get rid of her stomach issues and set new PR's every meet

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Mae Reed

Helping Mae learn to eat enough and at the right times, in addition to doing functional and strength training to improve muscle and speed, allowed her to finish 2nd at State for 100 and 300 hurdles.  


Madison & Sarah

To combat one of the most major problems in XC and Track of undereating, both ladies eat over 3000 - 4500 ideal calories a DAY! Helping them earn 2nd in State for XC team and Podium Finishes at Track State in Ohio!

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Faith Duncan 

Faith has worked hard on her nutrition and fitness with us for over 3 years! During this time she became the top XC Collegiate Runner and wants to go pro! She gained 14 pounds of lean weight, eating between 3000-3500 calories a day, minimized injuries and ran lifetime bests!

Grace Hartman Gatorade XC Player of the year 2021 & 2022

Grace ran 40 seconds faster after two weeks of increasing her calories, won state & ran a personal best at the last national race of the season! 

During that time she went from 17-14% body fat, gained 9lb of lean weight by eating 4,000 ideal calories at the right times!

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Madison Conatser

Second XC Race of the 2022 Season

PR: 18:47! (Was 18:57 last year!)

Eating 4000-4500 ideal calories at the right times (90% of the time!)

She makes sure her muscles are well fueled & hydrated throughout the Season!  Optimizing every training! Doesn’t matter how hard you train if the muscle isn’t fueled!

Heavy legs, tired and a disappointing XC season. Aspirations to run in college. Turned to sports nutrition & testing as a last resort.​Within 4 months of implementing he signed with a Division I XC & Track program!​Listen more to his story here!

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