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From Being Too Slow to Reaching College Speed in Just Four Months!

Updated: Feb 23

Are You Ready to Elevate Your Speed to the Next Level?

If your senior high school season didn't quite hit the mark, don't fret! With a dash of sports nutrition and some testing, you could be on track for a winning season! In as little as four months, you could be seeing a whole new you! This is a journey of transformation that Brayden Rice, NOW a college athlete, embarked upon, and the results were astounding.

Testing Sports Nutrition 2Go
Brayden Rice Added Food and Hydration

From 'Too Slow' to 'College Athlete'

Brayden Rice was struggling with his speed during his senior high school cross-country season. He realized that the key to improving his performance lay not only in more intense training but also in optimizing his nutrition. That's when he discovered Sports Nutrition 2Go & Dawn Weatherwax's Sports Nutrition Academy, a haven for athletes seeking to boost their performance through nutrition and testing.

Testing and Added Food

Brayden underwent specific nutrition & testing at Sports Nutrition 2Go,

College 1st year: 11 seconds faster 7 months

which helped identify his deficiencies. Based on the results, he added specific foods and fluids to his training. The impact

was immediate and visible. He was no longer 'too slow'. Within just four months, Brayden was a changed athlete, his speed significantly improved to land him a Division I spot on a team.

The Power of Fuel: A Transformation in 7 Months

Encouraged by his progress, Brayden continued with the nutrition plan, focusing on fueling his body right. Through proper hydration and the right balance of nutrients, he was able to further improve his time. By mid season of his first year in college, he was 11 seconds faster. This might seem trivial in daily life, but in the world of cross-country and track, every second counts. In just 7 months, Brayden was living his dream as a college athlete.

Cheerios Team Challenge: Optimally Refuel & Recharge!

Impressed by Brayden's remarkable transformation, his entire team decided to embrace the Cheerios Team Challenge. The approach was straightforward: After practice, everyone would enjoy a bowl of Cheerios with milk to refuel and rejuvenate optimally. This initiative wasn't just for athletes but for everyone involved. The hashtag #Cheeriosteamchallenge quickly gained popularity, and the outcomes were remarkable, demonstrating how simple and cost-effective optimal nutrition can be! Does your school, fueling station, or team meal offer Cheerios? Dealing with picky eaters? Consider blending regular Cheerios with sweeter varieties. For instance, mix 1.5 cups or 1 individual box of regular Cheerios with 1 cup or 1 box of Honey Nut or Honey Cheerios. Voila! You get a delightful taste in every bite without compromising on health. This minor adjustment increased fiber content by 4g and significantly reduced added sugar. To be even more discreet, pre-mix the boxes or bulk dispensers, and they won't suspect a thing!

Dawn Weatherwax's Sports Nutrition Academy
Fuel to Dream!

So, if you're an athlete looking to enhance your performance, take a leaf out of Brayden's book. Tune in to the Food for Speed Podcast with Brayden Rice and witness what's achievable!

Don't just dream, fuel your dream with Sports Nutrition 2Go & Dawn Weatherwax's Sports Nutrition Academy! "Building a better athlete through sports nutrition that best fits the athlete". Aimed for parents & coaches of athletes aged

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