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"Swing, Hit, Hydrate: Unlocking Peak Performance for Baseball and Softball Players"

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Date & Time 

  • Apr 30, 2024 07:00 PM EST 

All you need to know about hydrating and fueling for a 5 p.m. baseball or softball game. 

Feel free to apply these tips to other games as well! 





Unlocking peak performance for baseball and softball players
Swing, Hit, Hydrate!

Welcome to Dawn Weatherwax's Sports Nutrition Academy!

Today, we're going to discuss an essential aspect of sports performance:

What Do You Know About Hydration?

Baseball players hydrating
What do you know about hydration?

Hydration plays a critical role in our body's functionality and athletic performance. Did

you know that 95% of our first movement is controlled by eyesight? This tells you how important it is to keep our bodies adequately hydrated.

Here are some hydration facts:

  • If an individual is 1% dehydrated, their performance can decline by up to 12%!

  • When 1% dehydrated, our ability to track an object can decrease by up to 10%!

If 1% dehydrated performance can decline up to 10%
Performance hydration facts
66% of athletes are 1% dehydrated
Performance Hydration Facts

These facts emphasize the importance of hydration. Regrettably, thirst does not kick in until we are 2-4% dehydrated, which means we must consciously hydrate ourselves rather than relying on our body's thirst signals.

Steps to Hydration

Step 1: Begin 2 hours prior to start time until completion

  • Drink 12-16oz of fluid an hour (6-8oz an hour for athletes under 100lb)

  • Include ~200-400mg sodium an hour (100-200mg an hour for athletes under 100lb)

Note: These are guidelines, not absolutes, as sweat & sodium rates vary per athlete.

Hydration Options

You can hydrate using water with various foods and products:

Water with: Food Sodium Options (Not Limited To)

  • Pinch of salt

  • Mini dill pickles

  • Tomato Juice

  • Chicken broth

  • Pretzels salted

Electrolyte Tab/Pump/Spray Sodium Options (Not Limited To)

  • BOA Endure Spray (NSF sports certified)

  • GU Hydration Drink Tabs

  • H2O Precision Nutrition Tabs

  • Motive/Pure Electrolyte Pump

  • Nuun Hydration Sport Tabs

Electrolyte Liquid/Powder Sodium/Little to Medium Carb Options (Not Limited To)

Sport Drink Liquid/Powder Sodium Options (Not Limited To)

Sample Hydration Menu for 5p Baseball and Softball Game

At our academy, we offer a hydration chart with all four options plus an Amazon link to all products to save time and maximize success. We provide 13 game menu options to take out the guesswork and start quickly. QuickPlay, Overtime, and portion size handouts are provided to ensure accuracy and minimize stress. A blank menu sheet is also provided for you to create your own options, add variety, and customize to your preferences.

Time to Go Hydrate!

With the importance of hydration in mind, it's time to go hydrate! Please don't hesitate to reach out for more guidance on this vital aspect of sports performance. You can reach us at 513-779-6444 or

We also encourage you to join our #CheeriosTeamChallenge @sportsnutritiontogo.

It's a fun way to stay engaged with your hydration and nutrition journey. By taking a bite, capturing a pic, and posting with our hashtag, you're part of a supportive community dedicated to enhancing sports performance through optimal nutrition.

Thank you for your time, and remember, hydration is key to your performance!

Dawn Weatherwax's Sports Nutrition Academy

Instagram: @sportsnutritiontogo

Phone: 513-779-6444

Summary Points

  • The document emphasizes that 95% of our first movement is controlled by our eyesight, and even 1% dehydration can decrease performance and our ability to track an object by up to 12% and 10%, respectively.

  • Thirst is not a reliable indicator of dehydration as it doesn't kick in until we're already 2-4% dehydrated.

  • To maintain hydration, athletes should begin drinking fluids 2 hours prior to their game, consuming 12-16oz of fluid and 200-400mg of sodium per hour. Adjust as needed.

  • The document suggests a few products that athletes can consume to maintain hydration, such as Motive/Pure Electrolyte, Nuun Hydration Sport, HOIST IV, INFINIT, and fruits & vegetables.

  • The document also mentions a "#CheeriosTeamChallenge" where participants are encouraged to eat Cheerios, post a photo, and tag the post.

  • There are success stories of athletes who improved their performance by adding hydration, nutrition and testing as part of their training.

  • The "#CheeriosTeamChallenge" is a part of a nutrition program that aims to improve athletes' performance by incorporating specific foods into their daily eating and bringing the fun back into eating healthy.

  • The document also cautions about the importance of seeking nutrition advice from medical professionals (RD, RDN, or CSSD).

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