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SN2Go & DWSNA Athlete Nutrition & Testing Success Stories!

Updated: Apr 27

SN2Go & DWSNA Athlete Nutrition & Testing Success Stories

Energy, strength
Tennis player

This is a collection of success stories from athletes who have benefited from Sports Nutrition 2Go (SN2Go) & Dawn Weatherwax's Sports Nutrition Academy (DWSNA). The Academy uses nutrition and testing to improve student athletes' growth, academic performance, and athletic ability. After following the SN2Go's advice, many athletes have seen significant

improvements in their performance, health, and energy levels.

Football Player
Cheerios, SN2Go
Baseball Player! Lost over 5% body fat and threw 9mph faster
  • A swimmer has improved his performance by increasing his fuel, protein, and weight. He has achieved over 3 zone cuts and was part of a winning relay team.

  • A football player has moved from struggling to gain lean weight to gaining over 20lb and working on more!

  • A baseball player got over 5% leaner while maintaining his lean weight. He threw 9 mph faster within that year!

  • A tennis player who, within six weeks of adding nutrition, testing and strength training, grew, gained 7lb of lean weight, felt happier, stronger and had more energy.

  • Several athletes who previously struggled to gain lean weight have seen significant improvements. One gained 10lbs of lean weight and lost 5% body fat, while another gained 20lbs of lean weight in just 5 months.

  • An athlete named Bentley Thomas improved her energy levels and took off over 2.5 minutes from her previous best time, placing 2nd in the state.

  • A hockey team saw increased energy levels and got leaner, faster, and stronger. They made it to the National Championship Tournament.

  • A collegiate athlete saw increased energy levels, improved times, and placed 5th overall at the NAIA indoor and achieved All American.

  • One athlete who was getting tired and fatigued towards the end of his performance won gold in the 400 free, bronze in the 100 fly, and bronze in the 4 x 100 Free after joining the Academy.

  • A senior year student got leaner, broke school records, won state, and got into her dream college after joining the Academy.

The Academy provides guidance on how much fuel athletes need, what they should eat and when, and how to strengthen their immunity and recovery. Dawn Weatherwax's Sports Nutrition Academy is committed to helping athletes achieve their personal best through proper nutrition.

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