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Quiz: What would you Rather Eat?Cotton Candy or Enjoy Life Cotton Candy Lentil Chips?

I am asked daily what to eat and when! Do you know most of us only eat around 30 foods?

Sometimes its just about knowing about different options and trying them!

Give this flavor or brand a try, especially if you have food allergies! Many of their products are good for daily, pre, during and post training and competitions.

More Enjoy Life Products

Free from 14 allergens!

Provided from a trusted leading expert who has worked with athletes for over 20 years implementing sports nutrition & testing!

Time to go fuel those muscles!

Dawn Weatherwax's Sports Nutrition Academy

"Building a better athlete through sports nutrition to optimize every stage of growth, health & athleticism that best fit your athlete". Aimed for parents & coaches of athletes aged 6-18.

Looking for more snack ideas throughout the long school day or for pre, during, post training or competition? Watch this!

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