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"Level Up Your Game: Dawn Weatherwax’s Seal of Approval on Dole Good Crunch Banana Bites"

Dole Good Crunch Banana Bites

Gear up and elevate your snack game with "Banana Blitz: Dole Good Crunch Banana

Bites!" It’s time to amp up your snacking with a burst of energy, endorsed by none other than sports nutrition guru, Dawn Weatherwax RD,LD,ATC,CSCS. These aren’t your average snacks; they’re a powerhouse designed to keep you firing on all cylinders!

Think of it as the ultimate snack mash-up: the crunchy kick of your favorite chips combined with the natural sweetness of ripe bananas. That’s the magic of Dole Good Crunch Banana Bites, wrapped up in a cool, resealable pack that’s ready to roll with you on any adventure. Perfect for refueling after a tough workout, powering through a long day of competition or just a quick pick-me-up, these bites are set to become your new go-to.

And there’s even more to get pumped about! These bites aren’t just tasty; they’re also packed with benefits for both your health and the planet. They come with a clean, straightforward ingredient list, free from artificial additives, making them a snack you can feel good about. Thanks to advanced drying technology, they’re brimming with nutrients like fiber and potassium, which are essential for keeping your body in top form. Plus, Dole’s commitment to eco-friendly practices means that enjoying these bites helps reduce food waste and supports sustainable energy. So, for all the athletes, fitness buffs, and healthy snackers out there, Dole Good Crunch Banana Bites are here to boost your snack time and fuel your lifestyle. Grab a bag and kickstart your healthier, tastier snacking journey!

Fueling Youth Sports

Fueling Youth Sports

Proper nutrition is a critical part of youth

sports. It's essential to understand how much fuel young athletes need, what they should eat, and when. Proper hydration also plays a significant role in their performance and recovery. Join Dawn Weatherwax's Sports Nutrition Academy for comprehensive guidance on building a better student-athlete through nutrition and testing. This will optimize their growth, academic performance, and athletic ability.

 or call 513-779-6444.

The Cheerios™ Team Challenge

The Cheerios™ Team Challenge is a fun and exciting way to promote healthy eating and team bonding. The challenge is simple: You, a DUO or a team must incorporate any Cheerios™ flavor in your meal or snack. Take a bite, Tag and post a pic

Swimming fast and having fun!

Sharon doing the Challenge
Cheerios Team Challenge

Meet the Wonder Woman Behind the Challenge

Get ready to meet Dawn Weatherwax, the wonder woman behind Sports Nutrition 2Go and Dawn Weatherwax's Sports Nutrition Academy. She is the mastermind behind this challenge

For health
Join the Cheerios Team Challenge

and she is committed to promoting healthy eating habits among athletes, coaches, parents and everyone else. Don't wait, gather yourself, a DUO or a team and participate in the Cheerios Team Challenge today. Let's get this party started!




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