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Fuel Your Day: An Athlete's Guide to Healthy Eating from Breakfast to Bedtime

Updated: Apr 15

For athletes looking to optimize their performance, a well-rounded nutrition plan is essential.

Another lunch or dinner option! ORANGE CHICKEN

Pair with Rice Broccoli and olive, avocado oil

Breakfast (6-9am)

Start your day with Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal, a hearty and nutritious breakfast option that will provide you with the energy you need to get through your morning.

Lunch (10am-12pm)

For lunch, try the Green Buddha Chicken Bowl. This balanced meal features lean chicken as the protein source, which you can complement with an Avocado or Tahini Dressing for the healthy fats. Add Quinoa or Chickpeas for complex carbs, and enjoy a refreshing pear on the side. Season to taste with your favorite seasoning and salt, and remember to drink 20-24oz of fluid. Follow @sportsnutritiontogo or join @dwsportsnutritionacademy for more lunch ideas.

Pre/Afternoon Snack (2-4pm)

If you're feeling peckish in the afternoon, opt for Apple Sandwiches. Spread Peanut Butter or an alternative on apple slices, and garnish with Raisins and crushed Apple Cinnamon or Reg Cheerios. For protein, have two string cheeses or vegan OWYD RTD. Don't forget to stay hydrated with 20-24oz of fluid.

Post Workout Snack (4-6pm)

After a workout, replenish your energy with a Rise Bar and rehydrate with 20-24oz of

fluid along with 1-2 Sport Nuun. Follow @sportsnutritiontogo for more post workout snack ideas.

Supper (5-7pm)

For supper, enjoy a hearty Instant Pot Corn Beef & Cabbage dish. Use Olive oil for a healthier fat option and Carrots and onions for the non starchy veggies. Compliment with Red Potatoes or Sourdough Bread for high quality carbohydrates to balance the meal. Remember to drink 20-24oz of fluid during

your meal.

Vegan option

Evening Snack (8-10pm)

Before you hit the sack, have a Pot of Gold Smoothie as your evening snack. Combine frozen mango and bananas with Spinach and OJ, and add Chia seeds for extra nutrition. Use Fairlife - Soy - Reg Milk as the base, and remember to drink 10-12oz of fluid/Sodium.

Evening Snack 8-10pm
General Guidelines

To ensure athletes have a healthy fuel intake, it's essential to follow these general guidelines:

  • Aim for a minimum of 1g of fiber per 100 fuel units (calories), achievable through fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and seeds.

  • Limit saturated fats intake (solid at room temperature) to below 10% a day, with a maximum of 1g per 100 fuel units. Saturated fats are present in fried foods, processed foods, fatty meats, dairy, cheese, baked goods, and sweets.

  • Monitor sugar intake to stay below 30g a day, except around activity. Whole fruit and regular milk are not considered added sugars.

  • Maintain a balance between healthy and enjoyable foods.

  • Use Cronometer, a free app, to track individual nutrients and fuel units effectively. This process should be informative and positive, not restrictive or obsessive.

  • Avoid labeling nutrients as “bad” or “good”; instead, focus on “optimal” versus “limited” nutrients.

Menut Tips
  • Strive for progress, not perfection, following the 80-20 rule.

 If you're considering any form of testing or customization of nutrition, whether it's blood, saliva, stools, genetics, supplements, body composition, or more, seek out a medical professional in sports, like a Sports Performance Dietitian: RD, RND, LD, CSSD credentials.

Menu Tips
  • The following menu provides a balanced intake of lean proteins, healthy fats, complex carbs, and fruits/vegetables throughout the day.

  • Adaptations can be made within the same food group, such as substituting an apple for an orange or lean ground beef for chicken.

  • If a picky eater, do your best to accommodate their preferences while ensuring nutrient intake.

  • Gradually introduce new foods or supplements to fill nutrient gaps over time.


  • Consistency and balance are key, aiming for a purposeful and mindful approach to eating.

  • Food is fuel for growth and performance, not just a desire.

  • Prioritize health and effective fueling strategies to support athletic activities.


Handout of March Daily Ideas Menu in Dawn Weatherwax's Sports Academy

Fueling Youth Sports

Proper nutrition is a critical part of youth

sports. It's essential to understand how much fuel young athletes need, what they should eat, and when. Proper hydration also plays a significant role in their performance and recovery. Join Dawn Weatherwax's Sports Nutrition Academy for comprehensive guidance on building a better student-athlete through nutrition and testing. This will optimize their growth, academic performance, and athletic ability.

 or call 513-779-6444.

The Cheerios™ Team Challenge

The Cheerios™ Team Challenge is a fun and exciting way to promote healthy eating and team bonding. The challenge is simple: You, a DUO or a team must incorporate any Cheerios™ flavor in your meal or snack. The goal is to NOT exceed 12 grams of added sugar within the meal or snack.

Tag and post a pic #cheeriosteamchallenge @sportsnutritiontogo to participate.

Meet the Wonder Woman Behind the Challenge

Get ready to meet Dawn Weatherwax, the wonder woman behind Sports Nutrition 2Go and Dawn Weatherwax's Sports Nutrition Academy. She is the mastermind behind this challenge and she is committed to promoting healthy eating habits among athletes, coaches, parents and everyone else. Don't wait, gather yourself, a DUO or a team and participate in the Cheerios Team Challenge today. Let's get this party started!




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