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2023 Super Bowl Food Quiz!

The Super Bowl is a fun time to gather whether you enjoy American football or not. When

people come together it usually means a lot of food! If you like trivia this is a fun food quiz to test your knowledge or even, make part of your Super Bowl party.

Enjoy discussing these entertaining facts!

1. One in_________Americans order takeout during the Super Bowl? A. 7

B. 15

C. 33

A: One in seven Americans order takeout.

Right after Thanksgiving, Super Bowl Sunday is the second most popular day to order take out. It’s estimated that around one in seven Americans, or 48 million Americans, order take out for the big game.

2. What percent of takeout orders are pizza on this day?

A. 10%

B. 46%

C. 60%

C: 60% Of takeout orders are pizza

If you’ve ever ordered pizza during the Super Bowl, you know it’s gone as soon as it arrives.

If you want to put a healthier spin on this favorite without people noticing, try:

1. Grilled chicken or Canadian bacon in place of hamburger, sausage, pepperoni...

2. Go lighter on the cheese. The top of the tongue is the only place that has tastes buds.

3. Use a pesto as the sauce. Top with Grilled Chicken and any veggies and this is a huge hit!

4. For a yummy healthier dessert you can go with a fruit pizza!

These are also great tips for team and family meals as well!

3. How many chicken wings are eaten on this day?

A. 1.25 billion chicken wings are eaten.

What is Sunday football without chicken wings? Especially during Super Bowl weekend. At this time, 1.25 billion wings are consumed, which equals 162.5 million pounds of chicken. This weekend alone is responsible for 7% of chicken wing sales every year.

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