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Maple Almond Soy Yogurt with 


Servings: 1 

1 cup soy yogurt 

1 orange sliced 

1 teaspoon maple syrup 

2 tablespoons almond slices 



Protein: 14g, Total Fat: 10g, Carbs: 45g, 

Calories: 333kcal, Fiber: 11g, Calcium: 446mg, 

Magnesium: 55mg, Potassium: 410mg, 

Sodium: 94mg, Zinc: 0.63mg, Vitamin K: 0, 

Saturated Fat: 0.99g, Fruits: 1 serving, 

Vegetables: 0 servings, Added Sugar: 4.03g, 

Dairy: 1 serving or Protein: 2 servings 



3 Top Snacks 


Servings: 1 

1 oz Quest Chips

8 oz Okios Pro Yogurt

1 oz golden raisins 



2500-3000 pre-designed training menu day 1 

Servings: 1 

6 oz Oikos Pro

3 tablespoons chia seeds

1 cup strawberries fresh or frozen

¼ cup granola low sugar

16 oz water

2 oz Dave's Killer bread

3 oz Organic turkey lunchmeat

1 oz cheddar cheese slice

1 cup baby carrots

1 cup apples

2 tablespoons hummus with oil

16.9 oz water

3 oz Organic jerky

1 oz Rice Chex cereal

1 oz almonds salted

1 oz peanuts salted

1 oz sunflower seeds salted

16.9 oz water

1 Sports NUUN tablet

20 oz Soy chocolate milk

20 oz Horizon chocolate milk

5 oz organic chicken breast

2 cups romaine lettuce

2/3 cup white rice

2 tablespoons organic Italian dressing

16.9 oz water

6 oz Oikos triple zero yogurt

6oz Siggi yogurt

6oz Skyr yogurt

½ cup blueberries fresh or frozen

1 oz pumpkin seeds

1 oz cashews

2 tablespoons chia

2 tablespoons flax seeds or flax mill

½ cup peaches fresh or frozen

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