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Only 100 Live spots! Nutrition Guidelines for your Champions! Wed, Nov 29, 1p EST

Let's take the plunge into the important topic of nutrition for young athletes! We need to fuel their bodies for growth, training, and energy while reducing inflammation and promoting recovery.

Did you know that a whopping percentage of Americans, starting from the age of 1, are missing out on essential fruits, veggies, and whole grains? Yikes! That's why it's crucial to discuss nutritional guidelines with coaches and parents to ensure our student athletes are getting the right nutrients. So, how many times a day should they be chowing down? And how much protein is needed to keep them strong? We'll cover all that and more, including the ultimate food goals to hit daily and weekly.

Plus, we've got a fun challenge to pump up the energy before practice. Let's get those athletes fueling like champions! Welcome to Dawn Weatherwax’s Sports Nutrition Academy! With Dawn's expert guidance, you can transform your young athlete's performance and health. Dawn has more than two decades of experience working with athletes of varying age groups, particularly those aged 18 and below.

Fueling Youth Sports

Building a better student athlete through nutrition and testing to optimize growth, academic performance and athletic ability is our motto. But, how much fuel do they need? What should they eat and when? What about hydration? Our academy answers all these questions and more to help your athlete thrive in gaining lean weight, getting faster, staying healthy, and maintaining consistent energy levels.

Immunity and Nutrition

Did you know that 80% of athletes get sick or injured within a season? By improving your athlete’s immune system, you can optimize their athletic performance. It's paramount to maintain good health, particularly during pivotal moments. Our December focus is on immunity. We look into nutrients like Vit D3, Probiotics, Vit C, and Zinc that help in fighting off infections, minimizing inflammation, aid in recovery, and enhance white blood cell function. We also review foods, amounts, types, and supplement brands to help you make the best choices.

Building Muscles

In January, our focus shifts to muscle building. 100% effort doesn’t match a muscle that is not optimally fueled! If you're considering incorporating supplements to aid your young athlete in building muscle and attaining a leaner physique, it's vital to have accurate and comprehensive information. We discuss Protein Powders, Creatine, Caffeine & Pre-Workout supplements, and their safe usage. We also cover the importance of mixed Macro-Nutrients & Post recovery.

Get Started To get started, all you need is an eager parent, coach, or school and the desire to assist your athlete to achieve their personal best. We're looking for 100 clubs, teams, schools, or organizations ready to take this step. Visit our website for more information and to join now!

Our Successful Partnerships We're proud to have partnered with several clubs, schools, and teams including Shawnee High School, Logan Elm High School, WTRC Shark Swim Club Little Miami High School, and Hudson Heat Swim Club. They have added Sports Nutrition and Testing to their team's training and are already seeing the benefits. It's your team's turn now!

Contact Us For inquiries, you can reach us at or call us at 513-779-6444. You can also follow us on Instagram @sportsnutritiontogo for more tips on sports nutrition. Join Dawn Weatherwax's Sports Nutrition Academy today and fuel your team's dreams!

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