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Go Team! 20 Quick & Healthy before practice snacks!

Go Team!

What did your athlete pack for their after school practice?

Many parents, coaches & athletes ask me what to eat for this time frame!

I am excited to put together these options for you!

20 Quick & Healthy Snack option video with music only


20 Quick & Healthy Snack option video with commentary

Academy Members a downloadable handout of these snacks are available in the Snack Ideas course.

Time to Go Fuel Those Muscles!

For Dawn Weatherwax’s Sports Nutrition Academy Members:


As you are tapering and getting ready for your major swimming competitions remember to review:

  • What to Eat & Supplement for a Swim Meet

  • Stay Healthy

  • Take out the stress and anxiety around fueling

  • Menus with actual ideas and links

  • Tart Cherry Protocol

  • Aids in soreness

  • Aids in sleep

  • 24 Hour Emergency Immune Protocol

  • Stay Healthy

  • Minimize duration & intensity of sickness


The countdown begins! ½-1lb of lean weight a week is possible when in puberty! Roughly 20 weeks left. Which means 10-20lb! No time to waste!

Make sure you take advantage of the:

Gain Lean Weight (Get Leaner) mini sports nutrition program

  • Calculate your calories

  • Pick out a menu

  • Measure your body composition

  • Get Started!

  • Why

  • Take out the guess work!

  • Save Time!

  • Actual menus to start quickly

  • Maximize every day!

Got to stay healthy! If you can complete 86% of your trainings, your 7x more likely to reach your performance goals.

Make sure you review the

  • Daily Immune protocol

  • Supplement links and trusted brands are provided in this protocol to give you a peace of mind.

  • Stay healthy! The best athletes in the world get less sick and less injured!


High School tryouts are coming but you still can use March to May to gain lean weight. Remember the rule of thumb is 1/2-1lb of lean weight a week if put nutrition, training and sleep all together.

Make sure you take advantage of the: