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Looking for a cost-effective way to bring Sports Nutrition to your team, club or athletic department

Here you go!

Dawn Weatherwax's Sports Nutrition Academy New Year's Special!

Team has unlimited access to Academy for one full year.

REMEMBER! ONLY 47 available

Special ends by Jan 31st, 2023 or until supplies last!

Reach out 513.779.6444 or info@dawnweatherwax with questions or interest.

How it Works

A few easy steps to get it started by the New Year!

1. Sign your team, school, sports organization up; call 513.779.6444 or to get things started!

2. **Receive up to 500 coupon codes per enrollment to the academy. For over 500 enrollments the fee is $1.00 per extra athlete. Can not combine with another club, school....

3. Membership for team lasts one full year Starting from Jan 1, 2023-Dec 31st, 2023

4. A logo, description & link will be provided to put on your website to have easy access to Dawn Weatherwax's Sports Nutrition Academy

5. When membership comes to an end, the same price will be offered to renew.

6. That simple!

Dawn Weatherwax's Sports Nutrition Academy mission:

Building a better athlete by optimizing every stage of growth, health, and athleticism through sports nutrition that best fits the athlete. Aimed to parents of athletes aged 6-18yr. (This is an educational academy and never takes place of medical advice)

We do this by being:

A ONE STOP resource you can trust & save precious time!

Know what, when & how much to eat by providing actual menus with nutrient timing. These are included in our Online Nutrition programs so you can maximize every training & recovery.

Understand how much fuel is needed to have consistent energy, advance academics, sleep better, stay healthy, avoid plateaus and obtain healthy habits for life.

Review supplements and provide a link to products that can only be provided by a medical professional. (Never mandatory to take or buy).

You gain a Sports Dietitian (which are considered medical professionals) who has over 25 years of experience using nutrition & testing with this age group! You will be able to ask your questions directly via chat and belong to a very inclusive community to advance the goals & dreams of your athletes.

Talk to an expert to ask live questions and get VIP invitations to live webinars! Options will be posted soon. Goal is one a month (subject to change). This could be with the owner or a guest speaker!

Protocols: Currently have: Daily Immune Protocol, 24 Hour Emergency Immune Protocol and Tart Cherry many more to come

Access to eBooks; Sports Nutrition for Young Athletes & more

Replays of all Webinars: Ones currently available (Titles and topics could change) • What Supplements should Young Athletes Take • Are Sports Drinks Good to Consume • Body image and sport • What to eat after trainings

Food for Speed Podcast with athletes and parents of athletes who used our nutrition services. Both Live & Replay options.

College Recruiting Tool--Contact information to all the College coaches in USA.

For more information about Dawn Weatherwax's Sports Nutrition Academy go to:

REMEMBER! ONLY 47 available

Special ends by Jan 31st, 2023 or until supplies last!

Reach out 513.779.6444 or with questions or interest.

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