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Dawn Weatherwax's Sports Nutrition Academy (DWSNA)  

"Building a better athlete by optimizing every stage of growth, health, and athleticism through sports nutrition that best fits the athlete"

Womens Softball

Aimed for parents of athletes ages 6-18 years old, our overall goal is to provide you safe and effective nutritional guidelines and optimize health and performance. 

We do this by being: 

  • A resource you can trust

  • A ONE stop resource

  • An inclusive site to provide the knowledge to all who want to understand and implement 

  • Know what, when & how much to eat

  • How many calories needed for optimal growth, health, academics and performance

  • Taking out the guess work

  • Saving precious time

  • Enhancing health, growth & performance

  • Maximizing every training

  • Recovery

  • Stay healthy 

  • High energy levels and minimizing fatigue

  • Ideal body composition at different ages and goals to strive for as sport progresses

  • Reaching goals & dreams

  • Beyond sports: healthy habits for life

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*Disclaimer: This site is educational only and no way takes place of medical advice.


Join Us Now! DWSNA Currently Includes:

All items subject to change

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  • Access to eBook Sports Nutrition for Young Athletes

  • Tart Cherry Juice Protocol

  • College Recruiting Tool (currently only available for swimmers)(More sports to come)

  • Once a month Live Q & A with Dawn Weatherwax (subject to change)

  • Belong to a Community where can share ideas, tips, recipes…..

  • Get actual food product ideas and sample menus (Currently within the online programs)

  • Special Discounts on Fullscipt (Klean Thorne..),

  • Resync, USANA

  • Discount on Food Products (Coming Soon)


Access to ALL Online Programs

  • Gain Weight (Get Leaner) Accelerated Program

  • What to Eat & Supplement for Daily Swimming 

  • What to Eat & Supplement for an All Day Swim Meet

  • What to Eat & Supplement for Holiday Training

ALL Replays of Interviews, Webinars & Podcasts

  • Get VIP invitation to Live Webinars

  • Over 20 (& counting ) Live Webinars: including topics on supplements, body image, recovery nutrition AND MORE!

  • Over 20 (& counting) Food for Speed Podcasts with athletes who used our services

(A perfect way to add nutrition & a Sports Dietitian to your program)

Coming Soon:

  • Hydration calculator and importance

  • How much sleep you need and importance 

  • Supplement recommendations for daily, immune, bone health, premenstrual syndrome, low iron needs, brain health, and much more

  • Receive cutting edge research in the field of nutrition and sports

  • Asking your opinion on things to be added to Dawn Weatherwax's Sports Nutrition Academy Site. This gives you an inside scoop, knowledge and opportunity to learn for no additional fee.

The Launching of Dawn Weatherwax's Sports Nutrition Academy (DWSNA): A ONE Stop Resource

Dawn’s SN2Go business offers a wide array of nutritional and testing services that will gives a young athlete a cutting edge far superior to their competition! Weatherwax has always wanted to provide this knowledge on a bigger scale. Now with the advancement of technology it has become possible to share her office success with the masses.


This is how Dawn Weatherwax’s Sports Nutrition Academy was born!

As a parent you are juggling so many things. The goal of DWSNA is to provide a trusted & all inclusive resource that can meet the mission of “Building a better athlete by optimizing every stage of growth, health and athleticism through sports nutrition that best fits your athlete”. Whether your athlete continues playing a sport or not, the lifelong gift of health they could obtain is priceless. It really is knowledge that can change their lives forever.


Academics should always come first. I am excited to say that if your athlete optimizes how they fuel it usually means they optimize their academics. I have seen this in over 80% of my young athletes. Food and hydration is not only for the body but for the brain!



When it comes to young athletes we just want to provide them with the opportunity with all the tools to maximize their goals and dreams. This site can give you the tools to do just that.

  • A site you can trust

  • A site that takes out the guess work

  • A site that saves you precious time

  • A site you can ask questions and get continued support

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