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Nutrition vs Sports Nutrition

All of the probing and poking around in the realms of nutrition and physiology has resulted in a science that combines the best knowledge from both arenas. Good nutrition is essential to good health, no matter who you are. Sports nutrition takes the principles of good nutrition a step further. It looks at what you do with your body, and tailors both the things you eat and when you eat them to enhance your activities. It takes into account the big picture – all your trainings and competitions – whatever it is you like to do.

Why This Matters for Young Athletes

Sports nutrition also takes into account the various nutritional needs of different sports. If you’re a weight lifter, you’re going to eat differently than a swimmer. Tailoring nutrition to activities can do amazing things for athletes of all shapes, sizes, and persuasions. It can do the following:


Maximize growth, development & performance at the same time

Maximize concentration, strength & speed

Minimize fatigue and enjoy the process

Reduce errors

Optimize trainings

Minimize recovery time

Avoid plateaus

Stay healthy and reduce injuries

Attain and maintain ideal body composition


Sports nutrition gives “eating to live” a whole new meaning. Nutrition is just nutrition. Sports nutrition will get you to where you want to go. Following a good sports nutrition program can enhance athletic performance and decrease injuries.

Four Main Factors of Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition focuses on four main factors that help support optimal health and exercise performance:

1. Appropriate food and fluid selection

2. Timing their intake to enhance performance and recovery

3. Any testing to support the process (metabolism, fuel in the muscles, labs specific to

athlete (i.e. blood work) body composition……

4. Appropriate supplementation

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What is the difference between a Nutritionist and a Dietitian?

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As a parent if you want your athlete to maximize their training and performance outcomes, remove the guess work, save time and minimize sickness, it is important to make nutrition as much a part of your program as the training. Reach out to a sports dietitian in your area. If you do not have one locally then search for one to do virtual options. The goal is to set up your athlete for optimal success in all areas and create a network that allows that outcome!

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