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Tart Cherry Protocol

Has been shown to optimize recovery and impact performance outcomes when coming off a taper or hard training and getting ready for a major competition. This is food based. NEED TO TRY tart cherry at least once or twice before a practice and possibly an event that is not significant to ensure there are no digestive issues.

Tart Cherry Protocol

Different Member Protocols:

Protocol for BIG RACES, MEETS, BIG EVENTS, Tapered Meets, Competition Protocol

Protocol for Night Time/Sleep

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Did you know that out of a six month training period an athlete is seven  times more likely to reach their performance goals if they can optimally complete over eighty percent of their trainings? BUT 30% get injured and 50% get sick that take them out of that range!

Ten risk factors for infection (i.e. Cold, Flu,..) in athletes.

1. Fall and winter — common cold and flu season

2. Poor hygiene and exposure to sick people

3. Recent symptoms

4. Confined travel especially in a group

5. Life stress, heavy academic load, depression and anxiety

6. Input and quality of fuel (calories) is not matching output of activity, growth and development demands

7. Poor or inadequate sleep

8. Increase training load (i.e., training camp, holiday training, and intense training period)

9.  National vs. International level

10. Low mucosal immunity (saliva/tear immunoglobulin-A)

How Does Nutrition Impact Immunity and Infection rates?

The goal is when someone sneezes, coughs, shouts, chants, cheers or touches something that contains a harmful virus, bacteria or other pathogen,  the body can defend against it! The target is to punch the pathogen’s lights out in the first round!

What impacts the first punch the  most is consuming ideal amounts of carbohydrates, proteins and healthy  fats to match the training load. The second punch comes from adequate  amounts of micro nutrients within the foods. An athlete wants to make  sure they are getting 100% RDA of all micro nutrients but the ones that  have the biggest impact are magnesium, iron, zinc and Vitamins C, D, E.  Lastly the knockout punch comes from probiotics. They are live  microorganisms that strengthen the gut integrity.  An athlete can track all but probiotic consumption on a free logging app called 



There are 3 nutrients that are highly recommended to supplement during these times to reduce the occurrence of sickness.

Vit C

Vitamin  C is an essential water soluble antioxidant vitamin. Vitamin C impacts  inflammation, kills bacteria and fights infections. Guavas, kiwi, bell  peppers, strawberries, oranges, papayas, broccoli, tomatoes, snow peas  and kale are a few top choices.

  • RDI (Recommended Daily Intake)

  • 4-8yr/25mg/day

  • 9-13yr/45mg/day

  • 14-18yr/75mg/day

  • Adult female 75mg/day

  • Adult male 90mg/day

  • Cronometer  free logging app

Adding additional Vit C during this time has shown ~50% decrease in upper respiratory infection incidences

Vit D

Vit  D is an essential fat-soluble vitamin known to influence several  aspects of immunity including being an anti-inflammatory.  Vit D has to come from food and sun.  Depending on where you live, time and skin  exposure to sunlight and personal thoughts on sun screen makes the sun  factor unpredictable. RDI is 600IU (15 mcg) Vit D3/day. Salmon, eggs,  pork chops, cremini mushrooms (exposed to Ultra Violet light), non GMO  firm tofu, and fortified yogurt, milk, milk substitutes, orange juice  and breakfast cereals are leading picks.

If you are NOT supplementing with Vit D3 already you might consider adding during this time. Meeting Vit D3 blood levels have shown to reduce URI incidences


Probiotics are live microorganisms and impact the health of our gut biome. A healthy gut impacts how well we fight illness by regulating the balance between tolerance and immunity. Currently there are no dietary recommendations but try to aim for 1 daily serving of a probiotic food.  Yogurt, kefir, kimchee, slightly green bananas, plantains, sauerkraut,  and garlic are options. 

Adding additional probiotics during this time has shown ~50% decrease in URI incidence  and ~2 d shortening of URI.


To  achieve a maximum season an athlete needs to stay healthy and complete  over 80% their trainings.  How someone fuels directly impacts immune health. Adding additional Vit C, D and probiotics through supplementation is also recommended to enhance immunity.  Finalize immune health with good hygiene, balancing stress and optimal sleep!   Enjoy hitting your performance goals!



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All to make it simple to understand and implement with ease. 

  • Receive amounts, in what forms, at what times

  • Recommend specific Vit C, D3 & Probiotic Supplement Brands to take out the guess work

  • Supplement Link provided to create ease and save time

  • Access for the length of your membership 

  • All updates included to match current research

  • Ask direct questions via chat to have all your questions answered by an expert

Within 24 hours of cold or flu symptoms coming on

The goal while training is to stay healthy, remain injury free and recover strong. This allows the opportunity to get the best out of your competition potential! Sometimes the athlete can do everything right on the hydration, nutrition & sleep goals but still finds themselves getting the sniffles or starting to feel under the weather. Is there anything that can be done to help the athlete when this occurs?   

Believe it or not there is!

Research states it could reduce duration & intensity


SUPPLEMENT LINKS: Brands and Amounts

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Daily Immune Protocol
24 Hour Emergency Immune Protocol
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