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Pre-Launch of Dawn Weatherwax’s Sports Nutrition Academy

Today Launch Specials:

Sign up by Oct 12th, 2022 starting tonight!

Pre-Launch Membership special 50$ a month

$0.00 first month, $50.00 a month

Can cancel at anytime

USE COUPON Code Next 7 days: swimall50off to Get 50% off ($25.00 a month)


Text me at: 513.287.9623 if interested

Ask us about Team pricing

(a perfect way to add nutrition and a Sports Dietitian to your program)

Be with us for the journey instead of waiting for it to be completely done!

Join us Now! Currently Includes:

Access to all online programs (Subject to change) Includes MENUS!

  • Gain Weight (Get Leaner) Accelerated Program

  • What to Eat & Supplement for Daily Swimming

  • What to Eat & Supplement for an All-Day Swim Meet

  • What to Eat & Supplement for Holiday Training

All replays of interviews, webinars & podcasts

  • Get VIP invitation to Live Webinars

  • Webinars on supplements, body image, recovery nutrition, ........

AND MORE!!!!!!!!!!

  • How to calculate how many calories your athlete needs (Part of online programs for now)

  • Sample menus (Part of online programs for now)

  • Pre and Post Lists of Snacks to eat for competition (Part of online programs for now)

  • Tart Cherry Juice Protocol

  • College Recruiting Tool (currently only available for swimmers)(More sports to come)

  • Access to eBook Sports Nutrition for Young Athletes

  • Once a month Live Q & A with Dawn Weatherwax (subject to change)

  • Belong to a Community where can share ideas, tips, recipes…..

  • Get actual food product ideas and sample menus (Currently within the online programs)

  • Special Discounts on Fullscipt (Klean Thorne..), Resync, USANA (Coming Soon)

  • Discount on Food Products (Coming Soon)

Coming Soon!

  • Hydration calculator and importance

  • How much sleep you need and importance

  • Supplement recommendations for daily, immune, bone health, premenstrual syndrome, low iron needs, brain health and much more

  • Receive cutting edge research in the field of nutrition and sports

  • Asking your opinion on things to be added to Dawn Weatherwax's Sports Nutrition Academy Site. This gives you an inside scoop, knowledge and opportunity to learn for no additional fee

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