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Food for Speed Podcast w/Swimmer William Petiffer:Goal was college swim, find out what happened!

Understand William's Sports Nutrition & Testing Journey!

"My name is William Pettifer. 12 months ago, I set myself the goal to be a college swimmer. I built a plan to achieve this goal. One critical part of my plan was building my physical strength. With the help of Dawn and Sports Nutrition 2Go, the addition of a dietitian who specializes in working with athletes has led to: A deeper understanding of my metabolism, muscles, and energy reserves. A fueling plan which has enabled me to add lean muscle and therefore strength. A nutrition plan to boost my performance and recovery on race days I knew my 500 time had to be under a 4:45 and my 1650 needed to be under 16:30. My times ended up being 4:42 and 16:08. Currently I am about to sign for a college that I wanted to attend academically and as a student athlete!"

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