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Celebrating New Website & over 25 years of business! Bod Pods unlimited one full year from purchase

Celebrate with us! Treat Yourself or Someone Else to the Gift of Health! Purchase Now!

Get Unlimited bod pods for one full year starting from the date of purchase. ONLY 100 available. Celebration ends Oct 8th, 2022. ONLY $59.00 (Value $150.00) Use Nutrition & Testing to optimize your performance & health goals!

The BOD POD, a non-invasive technology, is considered a gold standard for measuring body composition by measuring the volume of air a person's body displaces while sitting inside a comfortable chamber.

  • You will receive an email of your purchase. We will receive notice of your purchase :)

  • Contact Us to Schedule at 513.779.6444 or with questions or concerns

  • Get unlimited Bod Pods for one full year from date of purchase

  • Offer ends Oct 8th, 2022 or until supplies last

  • Measure what weight you are gaining or losing!

  • If following a specific nutrition plan, use science as your guide! The scale does not tell you the whole story!

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