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Athlete Stories: Blake Hanna

⁃ Didn’t get recruited out of high school. Started swimming in my 3rd year of college. ⁃ Weighed 138lbs as a senior in high school. 148 when started swimming in college. 168 after working with Dawn & SN2Go

  • 6x American Conference Champion

  • Olympic Trials Qualifier in 100 & 200 Back

  • Division 1 NCAA Championship Qualifier

  • 4x School Record Holder

I first came to Dawn @ SportsNutrition2Go after having a successful year qualifying for NCAA's and getting runner up at Wave I of Olympic Trials. I had taken nutrition moderately serious up to that point by eating healthy foods and making sure I was fueled for my races, but not adequate enough for a high level D1 swimmer. After visiting Dawn, I felt like what I had been doing was minuscule in comparison to what she had taught me. She helped me understand not only what is in my food, but also why it is fueling me and how it is helping aide my recovery. She was very helpful in creating a meal plan that worked with my training and competition schedule and made sure to check in between our in-person appointments. My performances reached new heights within the first 3 months of visits! I was feeling more powerful in the water and was touching my end of season times by our 6th week of the season. I highly recommend reaching out to SN2Go for any dietary advice if you're an athlete who wants to bring your performances to the next level!

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