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Our Benefits & What to Expect

Let us help you reach your goals!

2 Hour Accelerated Course

Within ~30 minutes calculate calories, pick a menu and start implementing

Other ~90 minutes supporting information to maximize success
Can do on your own time!

Access to program for one full year

Videos and Replays available

Ask questions and they will be answered!

For Youth Swimmers (Ages 12-18yo)

Join Facebook group to stay up to date on recipes, food ideas, etc…


What to Eat & Supplement for an
All-Day Swim Meet

In this course swimmers and parents will be able to know how much, what and when to eat & supplement to enhance swim meet performances.

1. Calculate your calories
2. Pick out a Pre-Designed All-Day Swim Meet Menu to follow
3. Understand nutrients & supplements that you want to be aware of for swim meets.

Want More Information?

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