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Fueling for the Competitive Edge for Swimmers! (Ages 10-18yo)

Watch Free (Must Register for a free account to view) Promoted by Swimming World! Viewed Internationally! Algeria, Australia, Canada, India, Jamaica, South America... Hope you enjoy it! About this webinar -The number one tip that impacts growth, health & performance -How many calories does your athlete need on average ranging from age 10-18 years old -Does Quality really matter -Added sugar, what counts & its impact on the body -Main tips to put on lean weight/muscle -How many times should your athlete eat a day -If you are vegan or vegetarian it is important to... -Can a healthy athlete do protein powder -How to avoid plateaus -High protein bar options -Food options for breakfast, before practices and meets -Recovery Nutrition importance and food options -Importance of hydration and how much is needed -What electrolytes are most important for optimal hydration -View specific food examples of what to eat before and after trainings -Understand how body composition is used for the serious swimmer -Show a sample of a daily menu for a swimmer -Show a sample of a morning only swim meet menu -Discuss Swimmer's stories and their personal outcomes -Review Online nutrition programs for swimmers! What to Eat & Supplement for Daily Swimming, What to Eat & Supplement for An All-Day Swim Meet, What to Eat & Supplement for Holiday Training Swimming, Gain Weight (Get Leaner) Accelerated Program

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