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In my Sports Nutrition Practice there is only one brand of products I recommend when it comes to Vitamins, Minerals and Optimizers. To give you a little background on how this recommendation came to be:

I knew with all the scientific research that is provided about oxidative stress, free radicals, degenerative diseases, and the quality of nutrients we actually get from our food and what our cells actually need for optimal cell nutrition that it is extremely difficult to get these levels just through food alone.

Recently Tufts University developed a Food Guide Pyramid for seniors that recommends certain nutrients are needed and supplements are the way to get them. Plus with my business in Sports Nutrition I have to know what to recommend. But it is difficult to do so when the information out there is from many unreliable sources, how easy it is to get a supplement on the market and no regulation is required at this time. I had to do my du diligence to seek a reputable company that had research to support their products. After a 10 month time span of my own research, I found one company I whole heartily believe is the best. The Comparative Guide of Nutritional Supplements by Lyle MacWilliam, The book What Doctors Don’t Know about Nutritional Medicine, by Dr. Ray Strand, (the case studies that are available in this book), the products are developed from reputable scientific research only, the reputation of the company founder, Dr. Myron Wentz (Known internationally for his work in human cell culture technology), the company follows pharmaceutical-grade Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). By following these strict guidelines, they only get pharmaceutical grade raw products and manufacture them in house to meet pharmaceutical standards. They also provide numerous research from reputable journals for each product they make. To me this means, if there is ever a day the FDA sets guidelines for supplements, they will be one of the few nutritional science companies left. To meet pharmaceutical guidelines also means they are volunteering these practices. This means they are putting the better good of our well being first, not the bottom line. Most companies do not spend money on research because they feel they will lose money. Did you know that there are nutritional supplements that pharmaceutical companies will not sell because they cannot patent the product even though scientifically there is strong evidence to suggest their effectiveness? Dr. Myron Wentz’s company also follows USP guidelines. This helps ensure that what they say is in the product is, the amounts they say on the labels are in each tablet, and the closure of the tablet. Other important features of this company if they are in the Physicians Desk Reference, they have expanded into 7 other countries (which is very difficult to do, USA is known as the “dumping” ground, other countries don’t just sell items for profit), and they were the company of choice to do drug testing for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. Not only were they the company of choice they also sponsored the American and Canadian Speed Skating Teams. More impressive is these teams renewed there commitment to the company. With all of the companies out their, this company stands out. In my practice this is very important. My career would end on recommending poor products. (I never did until I found this company). I personally have seen every one of clients that choose to take the products have positive results.

I personally believe I would be doing my audience a disservice if I did not recommend a high quality nutritional supplement. In today’s world we need to eat healthy, exercise and take a high quality nutritional supplement. I have done the research for you, but I recommend that you do your own research. Check out For purchasing information or questions you can email or call 513.290.5763 . It is important you know I have an invested interest in this company. The only way you can get this product is through a distributor, and because of the success my clients are having, it is now a service I provide to my clients if desired.

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